Rebels: Connections is Here!

Be sure to check out our latest edition, Star Wars Rebels: Connections! This exciting new series highlights the early days of the Rebellion and its early struggles against the Empire. Join us as we examine the countless ways Rebels can fit into your curriculum.

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'Dak' Reveals the Secrets of Blowing Up the Death Star

Our own John 'Dak' Morton's latest Star Wars Blog reveals some of the secrets behind the groundbreaking special effects behind Star Wars and the man who blew up the Death Star. With over 50 years experience making films, Bruce Logan has contributed to many of Hollywood's most beloved films.

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Star Wars and the Dam Busters

On May 16, 1943 nineteen bomber crews departed Britain in route for Germany’s Ruhr Valley. These brave men were tasked with destroying Hitler’s dams in a series of attacks that required new, ingenious technologies. The mission was daring, bold, and practically impossible. Learn how their story inspired one of the greatest space battles in film history, the attack on the Death Star.

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First Look at Episode VII: The Force Awakens

As if Black Friday shopping excitement wasn't enough, LucasFilm releases the first official teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. The first look reveals shots of Tatooine where TIE Fighters are battling the Millennium Falcon, a creepy Sith sporting an even creepier lightsaber, and a team of X-wings racing above the water! Things look promising indeed!

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Studying Skywalkers: Thanksgiving in the Original Trilogy

Just in time for Thanksgiving, fellow Rogue, Dan Zehr's latest blog posting on examines meal time in the Star Wars universe. From an emotional lunch with Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru to betrayal in Lando's dining room, Dan examines the significance of how food brings us together in varying ways.

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The Role of Propaganda in Star Wars

In his latest blog on, fellow Rogue Cole Horton discusses the prevalent role of propaganda in the new series Star Wars: Rebels and how it compares to the plethora of propaganda created during World War II.

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