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Order 66 and the Night of the Long Knives

In the Original Trilogy, Star Wars fans learn very little about the destruction of the Jedi at the hands of Darth Vader and the Empire. Developing this story for the prequels, George Lucas once again turned to the history of World War II for inspiration, mirroring the evil actions of Emperor Palpatine with one of the modern era's most ruthless dictators, Adolf Hitler.

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From World War to Star Wars: Comic Books

Spec Ops member, Cole Horton examines the influences of comic books during World War II and, of course, their long-standing role in the Star Wars universe.

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Chuck Wendig's 'Aftermath' Preview

Ever wondered what happened after the destruction of the second Death Star? Well, we're all about to find out! Entertainment Weekly's preview of Chuck Wendig's upcoming, Aftermath reveals a "tragic, violent uprising after 'Return of the Jedi'". Aftermath will be the first in a book trilogy that ties together the events of Return of the Jedi with The Force Awakens. Pick up your copy of Aftermath on September 4th!

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George Lucas to be Honored as Disney Legend

The famed filmmaker who brought us Star Wars, Indiana Jones and influenced countless other films through his revolutionary special effects is being honored as a Disney Legend. Even before selling Lucasfilm to Disney, George Lucas partnered with the "Mouse House" to bring us Star Tours, Indiana Jones Spectaculars and the popular Star Wars Weekends. Lucas will receive his award at the upcoming D23 EXPO on August 14.

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Rebels: Connections - Organized Resistance

In Call to Action the Rebels plan to infiltrate an Imperial communications tower and send a message of truth to the people in the galaxy’s outer rim, exposing the Empire and its tyrannical rule. Throughout history, brave individuals have stood up to dictatorship, often risking their own lives to protect and ensure liberty for all!

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Barnes & Noble - Star Wars Saturday

Join us this weekend for Star Wars Saturday at Barnes & Noble. Fans of all ages, are encouraged to visit their local B&N for for exclusive products, activities, cosplay, trivia, and a chance to win a Star Wars character standee. Visit or call your local Barnes & Noble for more details!
We'll be at our local B&N discussing the Hero's Journey and Star Wars!

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