Star Wars Reads Day 2015

Star Wars Reads Day 2015 is just a few weeks away! How do you plan to celebrate? Let us know what you and your students will be doing on October 10th! Share via our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Be sure to also check out DK's event schedule for SW Reads Day.

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Is 'The Force Awakens' a Star Wars version of the Medieval Era?

The Empire has fallen. The Emperor has been overthrown. The military remains, weakened, scattered, but still standing in many places. With no strong central leadership to maintain control, a power vacuum develops that pits military warlords against local governors vying to exert authority over the territory they control. This is the beginning of an “age of darkness”...

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From World War to Star Wars: The Music

In his latest blog, Cole Horton discusses the role that World War II played on composer Erich Wolfgang Korngold and how his works would go on to influence Star Wars composer John Williams.

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How Sphero Created Their BB-8 Toy

In her latest Star blog, Amy Ratcliffe discusses how Sphero created their new and very awesome BB-8 droid. Be sure to check out her review of this incredible new interactive "toy" that brings the Star Wars universe to life!

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A Stormtrooper's Journey to 'Serve Like a Jedi'

Learn how former Australian Defense Force member Scott Loxley braved sweltering desert heat, King Brown snake bites, and lost toenails to raise over $100,000 in a 15,000 km walk across Australia.

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Studying Skywalkers: The Meaning of Weather in Star Wars

In his latest blog, fellow Rogue Dan Zehr discusses the role weather plays in the Star Wars saga. Learn how cold, heat, rain, and other weather conditions intentionally steer your emotions as you view the films.

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Droid Dreams: How Neal Scanlan and the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Team Brought BB-8 to Life

How do you create a Star Wars droid that’s different from what’s come before, but authentic to a galaxy far, far away? How do you push forward in the spirit of Star Wars innovation, but not push too far? How do you hold on to the magic of Star Wars robotic design, but still make something imaginative?

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Are you an educator who teaches with Star Wars? Do you find yourself receiving odd looks from colleagues or see their eyes roll when you mention your awesome Star Wars lesson plan?

If so, then you're a Rogue and you're not alone! The Rogues are an amazing group of educators who seek to make learning fun and engaging by integrating the Star Wars saga...

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